Story TimeSocial +

Social/Physical Media Management

Story Time Plus is an avant-garde social media management service tailored for brands aiming to echo powerfully within the Kurdish digital landscape, complemented with Arabic and English nuances. With the backing of being the only Kurdish company accredited by Google, Meta, and the British Institute of Marketing, we offer not just daily management of your brand's social presence, but a holistic digital journey that reverberates both online and through the streets of Erbil.

Offline Features.

Our Social+ package seamlessly synchronizes with our monumental digital screen, ensuring your story is showcased on the grandest display in Erbil.

Strategic Location

Strategically located in the center of Erbil
2 Sides Faces

2 sides Faces which increases the exposure to public from all directions. with Base height.: 2.5 m Type: 6.6 pixel pitch resolution.
30m Sound range

A clear and crisp audio experience, designed to captivateaudiences within a 30-meter radius.
Peak Timing Availability

7:30 PM and 9:30 PM, which our survey identified as the times of peak visibility and availability.
Increased time

Story Time Social+ provides you with a total of 30 minutes per month of dynamic ads on Erbil's largest screen at no additional cost.
Analytics and Reporting

Monthly performance reports with insightful metrics.
Regular review meetings to discuss KPIs.

Online Features.

We offer an exclusive, foundational package endowed with the following premium online features:


We will create and manage your meta channels and TikTok  
Content Creation

High-quality graphic designs and multimedia content.
Video production and editing capabilities and photograph                   .
Copywriting with brand voice consistency.
Strategy Development

Tailored social media strategies to match business goals.
Periodic reviews and adjustments based on performance data.
Engagement Management

Prompt response to comments, messages, and mentions.
Ad Campaign Management

Ad strategy development and implementation.
Budget management for maximum ROI.
A/B testing of ad creatives for optimal performance.
Analytics and Reporting

Monthly performance reports with insightful metrics.
Regular review meetings to discuss KPIs.
Tools for real-time monitoring and tracking.

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Social plus

Includes all features mentioned before +

  • Reel Creation
  • Animation Creation
  • Photography per month
  • 2 languages
  • 1 ad per week on the screen
  • 10000 Paid impressions on Google ads/YouTube no added cost.

You can also get


  • Taxi LED screen
  • 3rd Language
  • Extra impressions on any channel
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